MLM and Affiliates

MLM and Affiliates

MLM and affiliate programs have proved to be incredibly popular all over the world, however the key with any such program’s longevity and success is the ability of participants and affiliates to access their funds, easily and quickly. This has long been an issue for businesses large and small, and especially today where those expecting funds can be located in almost any country on the planet.

Today we bring a solution that meets the needs of MLM and Affiliate programs no matter the size or location. Our Prepaid Visa/MasterCard Program offers an easy to use, easy to manage and highly convenient method of disbursement that is also highly cost effective and reliable.  Available in multiple currencies, our card solution is perfect for global programs, and with low reload charges it can significantly reduce the foreign exchange costs that both organisations and recipients usually incur as well, reducing overheads for all participants.

With real-time, instant loading of funds affiliates and members have access to their earnings much quicker, which can have an effect on motivation and retention of participants too, and provide confidence to all involved in the program. In addition, participants can access their funds more conveniently, either by simply using the card for purchases or withdrawing cash at ATM machines everywhere, making the payment structure of any program a much less frustrating experience for new affiliates or members.

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