Like many market sectors today, the loan and micro loan industry has become extremely competitive, driven by modern digital communications that have changed the market beyond recognition in less than a decade. With this intense competition comes a need for organizations to offer new ideas and a different approach that establishes brand strength and increases awareness and customer loyalty. Our secure electronic payment card solution achieves that economically and effectively, offering a range of benefits for both supplier and customer.

By paying loans onto a card through our solution, the cardholder can have instant access to their loans through any ATM, over the counter through any Visa/MasterCard bank or keep the funds on their card for usage at any retail or online location where Visa or MasterCard is accepted. These chip and PIN secure cards are versatile, can help control costs and assist with customer analytics for establishing new marketing directions. Furthermore, as the prepaid card can be reloaded in real-time at a future date, it ensures repeat business is a streamlined, convenient experience for customers and highly cost efficient for clients.

Cards can have prominent branding, helping to build and reaffirm the clients brand with its customers, engaging the image and ideals that the client is seeking to project. The program provides a comprehensive payment solution that is easily manageable for the client with significant extra benefits for customers, enhancing any service long term.

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