Cryptocurrencies, in particular by far the most prominent Bitcoin, have established a broad user base in a very short time. In particular, in areas of financial instability, such as Greece, the worth of the digital currency industry to combat punitive restrictions on fiat money use has proved to be invaluable to people. The growth in the industry itself has been phenomenal, but for any organization within the industry, the biggest challenge has always been translating a digital currency, whether that is Bitcoin or something else, into the physical world to be used for funding everyday life. There are still relatively few places that accept Bitcoin as a payment for goods or services, and while that is changing it remains a problem.

we believe that our International Prepaid Visa/MasterCard Program provides the best solution available today to overcome those challenges. Our comprehensive solution provides significant benefits to both our clients and their customers, with instant fund transfers around the world and reduced exchange costs ensuring a cost effective solution for all clients. Customers benefit through faster transfers, funds are loaded in real time, as well as the convenience of the Visa/MasterCard infrastructure allowing payments to be made anywhere they are accepted. In addition, withdrawals in local currencies can be made at any affiliated ATM machine for the complete service.

With corporate branding and a range of currencies available, our card solution enhances digital currency services by providing a comprehensive end user experience that quickly exchanges cryptocurrency funds into fiat currency for use everywhere.

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