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Prepaid card solutions are a simple, customer-friendly option that are helping banking and finance providers deliver a better, more flexible service to their customers. They’re simple to use, and offer the same facilities and opportunities as a standard bank account. It’s no surprise that they are one of the most popular options for customers around the world – and for Prepaid debit card providers who want to give their customers a hassle-free alternative to the traditional debit or credit card. At CCS PrePay we’re experts in providing effective Prepaid payroll cards solutions for businesses who want to deliver a more adaptable payment program, or expand their portfolio of financial services without exposing themselves to high-risk, credit-based card programs.

What are Prepaid cards?

Unlike ordinary credit cards, where your customer is effectively spending credit rather than money they actually have, prepaid cards are ‘loaded’ with credit that has been paid for in advance. The customer can then use this card as they would a normal credit card, until the money has been used up. They can then ‘top up’ the card repeatedly, providing them with a convenient way of carrying out transactions. The advantage it offers financial service providers is that it minimises your risk exposure and avoids bad debt. With normal credit cards, there is always a risk that a customer is going to default on repayments, leaving the provider with the hassle of debt recovery. Prepaid cards circumvent that potential problem, giving you a more stable business base. Prepaid cards can also be ‘virtual’, making them ideal for the 21st century online marketplace. And as they don’t require a credit check, they are attractive to customers who may have a poor credit history but want the convenience of a card, rather than having to pay for everything in cash. An integrated, user-friendly service Prepaid card solutions include the ability to integrate into an existing financial model. So, for example payroll prepaid cards can be provided to employees, allowing them to transfer their monthly pay between accounts or keep it on the prepaid card as they require. Funds from online accounts such as PayPal can be quickly moved onto the card, whether it’s a Co branded prepaid card or a Bitcoin prepaid debit card. Prepaid cards have a range of both customer and provider advantages.

Good for the customer…

No credit check required Unlike normal credit cards, a prepaid card program does not include credit checks. So even if a customer has a poor credit rating they can still have a prepaid card. For customers who already have a good credit score and a higher revenue stream, white label prepaid cards are a useful option that can be used alongside their other credit and debit cards, with no impact on their credit score. This makes prepaid cards an attractive option for a broad market base, from those just starting to establish their finances to more experienced customers. A variety of options Customers can choose from a range of different options, depending on their needs and the services your business provides. So, prepaid cards can include unlimited fund transfers for free, or one that doesn’t charge the customer administration fees as long as they maintain a minimum balance on the card. Payroll prepaid card programs Businesses can also utilise them for employees who don’t have a bank account, or who prefer the flexibility of having their monthly wages paid directly onto a prepaid card. Immediate electronic transfer is available, which makes these cards ideal for other uses such as having child support or family credit payments sent straight to the card. Again, this expands their availability for customers who may not have traditional banking facilities available to them, but still want the convenience of a card. Breaks the cycle of debt One of the biggest problems with traditional credit cards is that they can encourage customers to spend money they simply don’t have. When customers encounter problems repaying the debt, it can lead to financial difficulties that can quickly escalate through late payment and interest charges. A prepaid card allows the customer to spend only what they have on the card, so spiralling debt is avoided. Privacy protected Identity theft is a massive problem in today’s cyber world, and people are naturally worried about giving too much of their personal information away. A prepaid card negates the need for customers to provide excess information, allowing them to keep their personal details confidential, giving them greater confidence in the product overall. Internationally accepted The days of traveller’s cheques are over, and now people prefer to use ‘plastic’ money when they’re abroad. Prepaid cards allow customers to take cash with them in electronic form, which is safer and more convenient. Branded and white label prepaid cards are universally accepted as readily as Visa and MasterCard credit cards. All the convenience of a bank account Prepaid cards can be used in ATMs, to make purchases in person and online, and to transfer money between accounts. In fact, they give the customer all the convenience of a bank account, with none of the hassle.

Good for businesses…

Prepaid cards are proving popular with business users, whether you’re a financial service provider, a corporation, or an employer. Partnering with CCS Prepay not only gives you all the advantages of a fully operational prepaid card program, but full technical support and additional services too. Many of our business customers choose white label prepaid cards, or a branded prepaid card that promotes their business while reinforcing brand loyalty among customers. A co-branded program also gives you complete access to data mining that provides you with vital information to help you deliver a more attractive and proactive service to your customers. Value-added incentives and fast activation Co-branding also provides you with the option to offer value-added incentives that let customers earn rewards faster, while providing you with essential information about spending habits and patterns. With no costs for processing payment or extending credit, a co-branded card gives you all the benefits of issuing a branded card, without the hassle. High on and offline market penetration A generic card program can be initiated in as little as 30 days, which includes a live portal for loading and managing cards. If you are a company with a large base of identifiable customers, or you operate merchant outlets with high footfall, white-label branding can help increase revenues, raise brand awareness, and provide you with a strong national and international base with high market penetration potential both on and offline.

CCS PrePay – what makes us your perfect prepay partner

Setting up a prepay card program is simple and straightforward. This makes an ideal strategy for businesses and financial providers looking to expand their market base without the increased risk exposure through bad debt or high start-up costs usually associated with issuing your own credit card. Acting as partners with card production houses, payment processors, and BIN sponsors, CCS PrePay offers a ready-to-implement prepaid card program exactly suited to your needs. Whether you want to issue virtual cards or set up a pre-paid card program abroad, we can act as your conduit to deliver a simple, hassle-free service to your customers, clients, and employees. Infrastructure CCS PrePay sets up a working infrastructure that builds and maintains strategic alliances with card processing and banking partners. That means we can offer you preferential terms of operation in issuing prepaid card solutions. Variety CCS PrePay have partners across the world, so no matter what your business, your expectations or your aspirations, we can work with you to provide a wide and diverse array of card programs for your market. Compliance Our expertise in providing prepaid card solutions to businesses and financial providers across the globe means we have an expert understanding of compliance issues. With CCS PrePay as your partner, we will ensure that your prepaid card program complies with all current legislation and regulations, is future-proofed, and responds to legislative changes. Co-branding Increase your market penetration and raise your profile by branding your pre-paid cards with your corporate logo. A branded card literally puts you in the pockets and wallets of your customers, which has been shown to increase brand loyalty. Fast implementation and full support Your pre-paid card program can be fully operational in as little as 30 days, with full 24/7/365 banking and technical support online and on the phone. Customised portal Monitor your program in real time with a fully customised portal, which allows you to load and manage cards. CCS PrePay offers this as part of the contracted services available to all business customers who want to implement a white-label or branded prepaid card program anywhere in the world. Your portal can be individualised with your unique corporate identity and branding, and works seamlessly with your own website. International coverage Pre-paid cards are accepted across the globe, so at CCS PrePay we provide an international service for clients on all continents. Money transfers are easier and faster, removing borders and minimising fund transfer times straight to pre-paid cards, anywhere in the world. An ideal system if you have international offices and a central payroll point, or want to incorporate a without-borders remuneration system or benefits program. Save time and money Issuing your own credit card can take time and cost you money, as well as increasing your exposure to bad debt. CCS Prepay solutions are quick, easy and cost effective, with minimal risk exposure and maximum, high-impact effect from day one. The initial cost of extending credit is negated, and those all-important relationships with banking providers are already in place. Take advantage of CCS PrePay’s high exposure and exceptional reputation to build your corporate branded prepaid card program in just 30 days. Suitable for all business models Whether you’re an existing financial provider looking to expand their portfolio of products without increasing risk exposure, or an international business with offices all around the world, CCS PrePay has a practical, hassle-free, and effective solution for you. Join the ranks of well-known corporate clients such as IBM and Boeing, who put their trust in CCS PrePay to deliver a prepaid card program that works for them and their customers.




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